Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yummies I'd Like to Try

I'm still in the process of getting life organized,
but I have made some progress.
We've been tracking along with school,
the house has been staying fairly clean
(a couple rooms are a work in progress),
most of our meals have been cooked at home,
and we've still managed to fit in some free time!

Right now I'm just maintaining necessary meals and such,
but here's a few yummies that I hope to try soon!

Okay, YUM! Must try this dipped in chocolate!!
Are these cute or what?!
I've been wanting to do some cut outs with the kids
and this dough looks really yummy.
I don't know if I'll be brave enough to try the icing
(it looks a little too complicated and time-consuming at the moment),
but we'll see.

I've got starter in my freezer!
I've never thought of making it this way, almost like a cake.
It looks super yummy!

I've wanted to try making donuts for a long time! Yummy!!
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Awww....thanks for the link love! :) Really, the most time consuming thing about the frosting is coloring it. Maybe if you just stick to a couple of basic colors to start with it'll be easier. I'm glad you liked them. Now I'm going to check out those other goodies- thanks!


You're welcome! This is still on my "to-try" list! Maybe I will be brave enough to try the icing! =)

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