Thursday, April 29, 2010

School Planning

Life has just swallowed up my time!

One of the things in life that has me occupied
is homeschooling my kids...
staying on top of planning school...
staying on top of keeping things organized
(which isn't my strong point).

I have been encouraged the past couple of weeks
to see the kids apply themselves
and look at their weekly plans independently...
and do a good majority of their school independently.

That is one of the main the goals.

To create independent learners.
Kids who can find the answers for themselves.
Kids who can figure out how to learn on their own.

They're still learning how to do this,
but I saw us take some major steps
toward this goal the past couple of weeks.
I'm seeing progress!


As we're coming to the end of our unit study,
where we have learned about
ears and hearing,
eyes and sight,
traps and animals,
and birds
(yes, they all have something in common with attentiveness),
I am planning a new unit study.
I am mulling around the idea of doing
a unit study on the 50 states.

Quite an endeavor, no?
This would take a year if you studied one state per week.
And even with this, I'm asking myself,
"Is one week per state enough time?"


I don't have a whole lot of time to contemplate the idea...
I'm expecting a new baby the beginning of June
and I would like to have a general idea
about the direction for school decided and planned by then.
To keep our momentum going.
To continue making progress
toward independent learning and thinking.

Here's a wonderful site I found with TONS of info...

almost too much info...
an overwhelming amount of info...
on doing a 50 states unit study.

So much work is already done,
but putting it all together
and taking the pieces you like
and putting them together
with other pieces you like...
it takes a decent amount of organization...
Do I dare try?
It's somewhat daunting,
but I think I will be persuaded to pursue it.


I'm thinking my kids would have a blast!
I'm thinking they would love to do a unit study like this.
I'm thinking they would learn a lot and enjoy it.
I'm thinking if I start now,
I may be able to pull the whole plan together
just in time for baby #3.
Besides, aren't these kids worth it?

Yes, they are!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

My Plans for the Day

Today is going to be a day of bread-making, laundry and who knows what else!
With two kids under 10, there always seems to be something unexpected. ;-)

I'm thinking of photographing my French bread-making...
the bread turned out awesome the last time I made it.
Probably if I decided on photographing it, it would end up turning out weird.
Things like this happen to me sometimes.
I don't know why.

I'm also thinking of heading to my local grocery store which has strawberries on sale until tomorrow for $1 lb. and trying out THIS FREEZER JAM RECIPE.
It may not happen today... it might.
Who knows?

Enjoy your day! Remember that whatever the day brings, God is in control! =)
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