Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Webkinz

Today was the third strike for Webkinz.
My kids have really enjoyed taking care of their pets
and playing games in a nice, kid-friendly environment.
Or so I thought.

The first strike came a few months ago
when my son approached me
and asked me if there was a bad word
that sounded like "dam".
When I inquired further why he was asking,
he told me he had heard it on Webkinz in a joke.
I reviewed the Webkinz video that contained the joke
and was shocked to see that he was indeed correct.
The joke says: What did the fish say when he swam into a wall?
The answer is the aforementioned word in question.
I didn't think my kids would be learning bad words on Webkinz!

The second strike was a month or so ago
with a maternity ad which had a woman in a bra!

And today my daughter let me know that
there was another ad on there this afternoon
with a woman in a bra.

I've read that Webkinz edited the video with the joke
and that you can inform them about
inappropriate content in their ads,
but isn't that their job?
After all, they are the ones making the money
on the animals and the ads combined.
If they say they're providing a kid-friendly environment,
shouldn't they make sure that is true?
Shouldn't they be the ones who are making sure
that their ads are aimed at the right target audience?

They don't care about my kids.
They care about money, but they won't get any more from us.

For my family, I can no longer risk being surprised
by what we might stumble upon on Webkinz.
And with that, we bid Webkinz,