Monday, January 24, 2011

Cupcake Cake

My oldest daughter turned 10 this month!
It's amazing how quickly 10 years flew by.
We planned a birthday party with kids,
party favors, games, hot dogs, cake...
hold on there... not just any cake!
A cupcake cake.
Have you seen these at the grocery store?
They're really cute, but I just can't
bring myself to pay all that money
for cupcakes that are mediocre
with icing that is just as mediocre
(probably even more so).
It's not that I'm a snob
(at least I don't think I am),
but I just love yummy food
and those store-bought cupcakes
just aren't that yummy to me.
Besides, my daughter wanted carrot cake cupcakes...
I'm not sure the grocery store could pull that off.

So we went to work making carrot cake cupcakes
using an old recipe from a Russian cookbook
that my grandma gave my mom
(seriously, those ladies knew how to bake/cook).
It's an amazing recipe and along with cream cheese
frosting on top... well, it's just super amazing!

I arranged the cupcakes on a piece of foam board,
iced the cupcakes and decorated them.
Decorated the foam board.
I'll admit, I was in a little rush when I put this together
and it didn't come out the greatest,
but my daughter loved it and was very pleased
and that's what really matters, right?

So I'm glad we tried something new
and had some fun with it.

How about you?
Have you tried anything new lately?