Friday, September 3, 2010

Goodbye August, Hello September!

In a way it's hard to believe that September is already here,
but in another way it seems that August was a very long month.
Life seems to be going by fast...
i n   s  l  o  w   m o t i o n.
That doesn't make very much sense,
but it's a feeling that is hard to explain.

Here's my month of August highlights!

We went to a Diamondbacks game.

The kids earned free tickets through
our library's summer reading program.
My brother came along with us. =)

Jacob celebrated his 8th birthday.

He made his own pinata with the help
of his sister and neighbors.
We ended up having a kid party,
a family party, and a party with the families we fellowship with.
I don't know how all that happened,
but it did, and that's all that matters. ;-)

The kids and I continued our 50 state unit study.
We covered Arkansas, Arizona, and California.
We spent lots of time in the kitchen making
a recipe for each of the states we studied.

Allison took her first dip in the pool!

I wasn't sure if we'd do that this year,
but it seemed like the right moment last week
and it's always cute to see a baby in the pool with a diaper. =)

I was able to spend some time crafting this month!

Here's one of the cards I made. =)

What was one of your highlights from last month?
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