Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweeter Than Chocolate Bible Study

Quite a name for a Bible study, no?
I think the name is great!
Especially since I LOVE chocolate!

I've done a few studies through Precept Ministries
on various topics/books of the Bible.
I always get so much out of them
just by reading the word of God!
I know that sounds simplistic,
but it's true and these studies
really let the word teach the word.
You don't have people putting their opinions in
and manipulating the words to prove their point of view.

They actually have a Bible study series for children
I have done 2 of them with my kids.
We just finished the study on James titled,
"Boy, Have I Got Problems".

But back to Sweeter Than Chocolate...
I just ordered 2 of these studies -
One for me, one for my mom.
My mom really likes doing these Bible studies
and I thought it would make a great gift
for her birthday coming up.
(Don't worry about her knowing, she already does.)
Precept is going to be starting an online Bible study
I was excited to see this,
because they did an online Bible study
for the Sweeter Than Chocolate Hebrews 11
during the summer and I wished I had known
in time to order the book and everything.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to starting this study
and getting to do it with my mom.
She's more than just my mom,
she is a very special friend
and I love her very much.

For now, I've got the free study guide
for Jeremiah Pt. 2 that I need to finish.
If you're looking for something
to help you study God's word more in depth,
and you'll find links for listening/watching
Kay Arthur and free study guides on
a number of books of the Bible
and topics that you can download.
This is a great place to start if you're
not sure this type of Bible study is
something you want to spend money on.
However, the money you spend is well worth it!
What you get is
Sweeter Than Chocolate!

Enjoy your day! =)
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I've only done one precept study- Romans- and that was years ago. It was excellent. I'll have to check out their on-line studies. Thanks!


That's great! We're doing the Romans study as a group in our home gatherings with other families. It's been very good. =)

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