Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God's Will & Testament

I have never read the Bible all the way through!
There... I said it.
You would think that since this book
is at the very core of my faith,
I would have bothered to have read it
all the way through at least once.
I guess I didn't really think it was
I M P O R T A N T.
I mean, that is the most logical
conclusion to come to, right?
R I G H T.
And that is the truth,
because if it wasn't the truth,
than I would have read it through in its entirety already,
and many more times over.

I have gone so many years not knowing what
the Bible says.
And that is really sad,
because it is the testament and will
of my Father, God Almighty.
This book tells me what is mine.
It tells me what He has left for me.
It tells me the truth about my Father,
about His Son, His Spirit, about life, about death,
about what really matters.

If you had a really rich father,
would you think that his last will and testament
wasn't important enough to read?
Would you rely on other people
to tell you once a week what the will says
without checking it out for yourself?
(All the while living in a one-room shack
with a leaky roof, infested with cockroaches and mice...
Starving, with nothing, being a slave to a master
who abuses you, I might add.)
What?! That's crazy talk!!
I know, and yet, that is how I've treated God's Word to me.

A few years ago, I began to really read
my Father's will and testimony.
Not to be religious
(who else is tired of doing that?),
but because I wanted to really know
W H A T  I T  S A I D.
I have found out some things that no one...
told me in church all those years I went on Sunday.
Things that I should have known.
Things that would have helped me.
Things that have changed my life.

Who should I blame?
Who should I blame for cheating
me out of years of enjoying the riches of Christ?
Who should I blame for unnecessary
spiritual poverty?
Who should I blame for the counterfeit faith
that I was satisfied with?
Who should I blame?
M  Y  S  E  L  F.
M  Y  S  E  L  F.
M  Y  S  E  L  F.
Truly, I was a fool.

So how do I end this reflection?
Find out for yourself what God's will is!
Read the testament that He left for you.
There is an inheritance beyond imagination
for anyone who has become a son of God.
How do you become a son of God?
Email me... I'd love to chat with you about it.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.
Have a blessed day!




Thanks Adriel, I really enjoyed that post. When we really get down to it, we can only blame ourselves for missing the truth. Sure, others may lie to us, but we are the ones who've always had this Truth right in front of us all along. I pray that the Lord helps me to value His Word more and more each day.


Thanks for your comment, Curt. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. It's a little "heavy", but it's so true and I just had to say it. Thanks for reading! =)

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