Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vacation Project

My husband likes to take a good chunk
of his vacation off during this time of year.
This year was no exception.
He has nearly 2 weeks off (including the weekends)
and it will so nice to have him home for all those days!

This year he has a special home improvement
project he will be working on.
When we moved into our home nearly 10 years ago,
we eyed the half-wall between the living room
and hallway as a possible place for storage in the future.
10 years later, we now have 3 children, we are homeschooling,
and our house with less than 1400 sq. feet is nice and cozy.
That extra storage area idea is now becoming a reality
and it will be great to have a little more storage space.

I thought I would share some pictures of what he started today.
My brother helped out with the work today,
which my husband was very grateful for.
Thanks, Dan! =)


Here's our hallway and the half-wall.
You can see where Gary cut a little hole
in the wall to scope out the inside.


Here's what the hallway looked like
after Gary and Daniel started cutting.
It's a mess right now, but I'm looking
forward to the end result! =)

Anyway, that's what's going on here today.
I'll post more pictures as we go along! =)




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