Monday, March 29, 2010

Scottsdale Day Trip

The kids both finished their math books last week and we usually like to celebrate this milestone by taking them out for a treat. One of the kids' favorite places to go for things like this is Streamers, but they closed several months ago.
So sad.
Anyway, Kayla said she wished they were open and so I went online to see if there were any other old-fashioned ice cream parlors around town. I found this place called the Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale.
We've taken the kids to Scottsdale on another occasion for a free trolley ride around Old Town Scottsdale, and so we thought we would do that again and treat them at the Sugar Bowl. The weather was beautiful and it made for a nice time together.
Here's some pics of the day:

I've never seen a limo like this one... only in Scottsdale:

The free trolley! If you ever visit Scottsdale, this is a fun thing to do. Here's some info about it if you're interested.

Cute Sugar Bowl napkin.

Cute kids at Sugar Bowl. ;-)

Each of the kids ordered a Desireme Banana Split!

That was our fun day trip! =)

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